Results of the next meeting of the Business Club of the Eurasian Business Alliance Union

Last Thursday, October 19, 2023, a regular meeting of the Business Club of the Eurasian Business Alliance Union took place.
The topics for discussion were "Public procurement" and "Automation of business processes". At the meeting, Anastasia Yapeeva, a member of the Union of Purchasers of Russia, an expert in this field, presented her report, where she described in great detail all types and nuances of "Public Procurement". Speakers with a report on the topic of "Automation of business processes" were a member of the "Eurasian Business Alliance", head of the Business Club of the Altai community, Vitaly Lazhintsev with his colleague Igor Kolyadintsev, where he presented the solution "Digital environment of the company" from DBS-Soft - on business automation.
The topic of Business process Automation is very relevant nowadays. Business automation allows you to successfully shift all routine and repetitive tasks onto the shoulders of a PC program. In addition, all the processes taking place in the company are organized into a single system, which allows entrepreneurs and managers to achieve the most effective management methods, quickly influence the development of the strengths of the activity and strengthen the weaknesses of the business. In turn, the director of the company, which is a member of the Eurasian Business Alliance, decided to introduce this case into his business.