Meeting of the Eurasian Business Alliance with a representative of the BAATH Party

Yesterday, on July 25, 2023, a meeting of the Eurasian Business Alliance took place with the representative of the ruling Arab socialist revival party "Baath" in Syria, Mr. Qais Kafri.
BAATH was founded on April 7, 1947 in Syria. The basic principles of the party are unity and freedom. The main goal of the party is to create a united Arab State. It is worth noting that today the leading role in the state and in the society of Syria belongs to the Baath party.
Following the meeting, the parties agreed on the development of socio–economic ties between Russia and Syria. Expressing hope for fruitful cooperation between Russian and Syrian entrepreneurs, the Alliance, for its part, is ready to provide partners to Syrian businessmen from various fields of economic activity.
In the near future, the issues of the product range will be studied, both for import and export, logistics and financial tranches will be resolved. "The Syrian side has shown an active interest in cooperation with the EAEU entrepreneurs," said Andrey Morozov.