Expert “Eurasian Business Alliance” commented on the case of the Skripal

The expert on physiognomy and personification Oleg Voevodin, who collaborates with the Eurasian Business Alliance, in an interview with the 360-degree TV channel, commenting on the conversation between Petrov and Boshirov and Maria Simonyan, said that “these two people that sit at the table are not those people who are pictured in the photo.When testing moles, division of the face, I want to say that these are not people with cameras, “he said.
First Voevodin analyzed the images of Alexander Petrov. In the photograph, where he was shot against the background of a square wall, he has a square earlobe. The person who came into the studio is confined: “This sign indicates that these are two different people.”

Plus, the division of the face and the hairline of these people are not the same. At Petrov on a gray background the line of hair is a semicircle, and at the person in studio – a wide line of hair with the letter “M”. In addition, they have a different hair color. Next – the eyebrows. The person on the wall is straight, while the person in the studio is broken, and even different in color.
The expert also found the difference in the color of the eyes. In the photo they are brown, and in the studio – blue. The wings of the nose also did not match. Plus one has a hump, but the other does not. Graduated a specialist of different mouth length, centuries and the location of moles. “It’s impossible to take them out in one week,” Voevodin summed up.
As for Boshirov, there are also many inconsistencies: “These people have different facial divisions. In the picture, the nose and the crown go to the right hand side, and in the studio – the top and chin go to the left hand, and the nose – in the direction of the right hand. One thing is that this is absolutely two different people. The lobes of the ears are also completely different. Eyebrows, hair color and moles on the face also indicate that absolutely two different people. ”
On September 5, Great Britain presented to the general public the suspects in the case of an attempt on the family of the Violins, who were found unconscious in March in the British city of Salisbury. These are some Alexander Petrov and Ruslan Boshirov, who are allegedly citizens of Russia and agents of the GRU.