Meeting of the Business Club "Eurasian Business Alliance" about the CFA in Russia

On September 21, 2023, a meeting of the Eurasian Business Alliance Business Club was held, the topic was digital financial assets.
With this event, the Eurasian Business Alliance opened the business season. The topic of digital financial assets is quite interesting, it is a new topic in the Russian economy.
CFAs in Russia will serve as a kind of springboard, especially for small and medium-sized businesses, namely, they will simplify and optimize trade financing, allow access to a new liquidity market that was previously available only to the largest enterprises with a high credit rating. At the meeting of the Business Club, two reports were presented on the topic of digital financial assets, where the participants of the event asked questions of interest and received qualified answers to them. Issues such as the technical platform for the release of the CFA and the legal binding were raised for discussion.
I would like to note separately that yesterday, on September 21, in a solemn atmosphere, the chairman of the PAURE Association, Alexander Bogdanovsky, accepted an invitation to join the Board of Trustees of the Business Club.
We also welcomed a new entrepreneur from the city of Kazan, Ramis joined us in our activities.