According to biblical history, when Noah descended to earth on Mount Ararat after the Flood, God gave mankind the 7 commandments, which are now known as the 7 commandments of Noah.
- Prohibition of Idolatry
- The prohibition of blasphemy - honoring God
- Prohibition of premeditated murder
- Prohibition of robbery and theft
- No adultery
- Prohibition of eating flesh cut off from a living thing - respect for living things (including humans)
- Obligation to create a just judicial system and understandable laws, and to ensure the equality of all before that law.

Since that historic event, humanity has found the opportunity to live by new rules that save us all from a new heavenly punishment. In the business environment it is also important to follow ethical norms in order to do business properly and effectively. After all, business is not only about making a profit, but also a huge responsibility for the fate of people (its employees and customers).

We strongly believe that every responsible entrepreneur takes responsibility both to people and to the world to observe elementary ethical norms.

We, the entrepreneurs of the Eurasian Continent, have united in the Eurasian Business Alliance in Armenia not accidentally. We believe that with Noah from Mount Ararat a new ethical order came into the world. And we, following Noah's descendants, can also effectively contribute to the development of humanity by developing our own business in all the territories where we work. We are ready to do it through the tools of public diplomacy on the territory of Greater Eurasia. Business develops in the territories where we work. This happens for two reasons: firstly, we hold free events, where we bring together hundreds of entrepreneurs and give them new competencies; secondly, all our free events have a tangible continuation in the form of new partnerships, investments, joint business projects of our participants.

As a result, territories, regions, countries, and cross-border connections develop. The economy of these areas is improving, residents of different regions and countries receive new and better services and goods.
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