The international non-profit organization "Eurasian Business Alliance" (hereinafter referred to as the Alliance) was established in 2018 in Yerevan (Republic of Armenia) by an initiative group of entrepreneurs from Russia, Armenia and Belarus.

The Alliance chose the association of entrepreneurs of the countries of the Eurasian Economic Union to attract investments in cross-border and national investment projects as the initial goal of its activities. The objectives of the Alliance include the development of the business of the Alliance members with the involvement of various investment instruments, organizational assistance, administrative resources of the Alliance members in the field.

The Eurasian Business Alliance currently unites entrepreneurs from five countries and is focused in its development on the countries of Greater Eurasia (from Lisbon to Vladivostok), in fact being not only a business association, but also a lobbying structure on the territory of the EAEU.
In all countries except Russia, the Alliance operates without the status of a legal entity, being an actual association of entrepreneurs. The Russian division of the Eurasian Business Alliance was registered in the organizational and legal form of the Union by the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation on December 10, 2021, by the Tax Service of Russia on December 17, 2021 (OGRN 1217700621270, TIN 9725069782).

In the digital space, the Eurasian Business Alliance was created and operates as a DAO (an organization based on blockchain technologies), whose partners are the leaders of the Alliance.
Thus, the Eurasian Business Alliance currently represents a network structure with a multidimensional model of physical presence in both the official and digital world. It has representatives (ambassadors) in different countries and regions of presence on the territory of Greater Eurasia.

During its activity, the Eurasian Business Alliance has become a partner of international forum platforms: the Eurasian Economic Congress, the international Youth forum "Eurasia Global", the Eurasian Congress. The Alliance is a participant of the first Eurasian Economic Forum, an Interregional Investment and Financial Forum. It works in close cooperation with the Eurasian Economic Commission, the Eurasian Business Council, maintains working relations with the Eurasian Development Bank and a number of national banks of Russia, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan. The Alliance, in order to lobby the business interests of the participants of the Eurasian Business Alliance, closely cooperates with the executive and representative authorities of the EAEU countries, with various international and national financial and lobbying institutions.

The main activities of the Alliance:
- attracting investments in various cross-border and national investment projects in the EAEU countries
- extraction and enrichment of precious metals
- over-the-counter trading of investment gold and silver
- digital technologies and cryptocurrency
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