• Installer of steel structures Amiston - 1 person, the experience of 2 years, summary - 13 zl - hour, lodging is provided 150 euros per month.
  • Reinforcer-concrete MOM - 8 people, experience of 2 years at least, 13 zlotys per hour.
  • Carpenter-carpenter on shalunkami - 2 people, 2 years, 13 zl.-hour
  • Boiler welder - 5 pers. experience MIG welder, 1 year minimum, 13 zl.h.
  • Grinder, production of small elements KO - 1 person, 14 PLN hour, from 1 year experience, resume.
  • Welder at the factory FA - 2 people. 4200 -5200 zl per month, two shifts, work experience of 3 years, resume, welding certificate.
  • Locksmith for the production of assembly elements for the electrical industry - 1 person, 14 zl.hour, 1 year, resume.
  • Construction worker with minimum experience - 1 person, 16 zl.hr, minimum construction experience.
  • Locksmith-remover in the factory for the production of aluminum structures for transportation and storage of parts NO - 4 people, 14 zl.hr two shifts, work experience minimum 2 years, resume.
  • MIG/MAG welder in the factory for the production of aluminum structures for the transportation and storage of parts NO -2 people, 19 PLN per hour, two shifts, welding certificate with work experience mandatory.
  • Cook in a catering company - 3 people m / w 10 zl.h., free lunches.
  • Cook in a catering company directly to the employer - 1 person m / w 13,50 zl.h., free lunches.
  • Confectioner in a bakery-confectionery - 5 people, m / w, 13 zl.h., mandatory work in the bakery.
  • Men handymen at the plant of spare parts for trucks. Place of work - Bobrek, Praska. Wage - 13 PLN / hour net. If you're a student under 26 years - 14 PLN per hour net (student ID required). Schedule: Monday-Sunday 8-12 hours a day (2 days working, the third day off). Work in 4 teams in three shifts at 6.00, 14.00 and 22.00. There is a paid break 20-30 minutes. The schedule changes every week. Min. 230 hours per month. Min. 3000 PLN/hour net. Duties: Work in production consists of 4 different processes (25% of time in each process), receiving and stacking of finished products (removal of aluminum ingots from the tape and stacking). Weight of ingots is 8 kg. loading and transportation of finished ingots with the help of a hand cart. Foundry furnace maintenance (loading scrap metal into furnace, mixing contents, cleaning furnaces and other auxiliary work, handling liquid metal). Other non-specialized physical work, such as: sorting and loading scrap metal. Work is physical and manual. No special skills required. There is noise in the company, it is not hot in the workshops, only near the furnaces there is an increased temperature. The employer provides free drinks in unlimited quantities. Requirements for candidates: physically fit men, age 20-50 years, work visa at least 4 months or a passport biometric 90 days. The firm provides free accommodation: Bobrek (house, 2-3 people/room, 1 km from the place of work); Bielsko-Bialo (apartment, 4 people/room 100 meters from the site); Praska (apartment to 4 people/room 1 km from the place of work); work clothes and shoes, safety and medical examination, Russian-speaking coordinator, mobile operator's package.
  • Wanted handymen in the factory for the production of pigment in granules. Place of work - Kędzierzyn-Kozle. Wages - 12 PLN / hour net. If you are a student under 26 years - 13 PLN per hour net (student ID required). Work schedule: Monday-Sunday 19.00-7.00 or 23.00-7.00 for 12 hours (sometimes 8 hours a day). About 260 hours per month. About 3100 PLN/month. Factory for the production of polymer paint in plastic pellets. There is noise and dust in the hall. Working in noise protection headphones and mask. Duties: mixing ingredients, according to formulation, work on the filling devices, pouring pigments in the device (bags of 20-25 kg), packaging and labeling the finished product, weighing and placing bags on pallets, maintaining a clean workplace, and cleaning equipment. Requirements to applicants: minimum proficiency in Polish (understanding of Polish is essential to avoid errors in production) or spoken English; ages 20-50; biometric passport (90 days) or a visa for at least 4 months. The firm provides free of charge: Russian-speaking coordinator, lodging, transportation to work, work clothes, medical examination, safety measures, mobile operator's package
  • The procedure for registration: Moldova, Ukraine on BIO passports, Russians do the invitation, visa, medical insurance (pay for yourself).

Work in Switzerland in a chocolate factory, 15 euros per hour net (different cantons) and different jobs.
We offer vacancies in chocolate factories in Switzerland.
Schedule of work: 8-10 hours a day, 5-6 days a week. Work contract for 12 months with the possibility of extension.


- work on the conveyor;
- packaging of products.

- age from 19 to 56 years;
- work experience is not required.

Working conditions:
Salary: 15 euros per hour net (overtime: 22.5 euros per hour net). Salary per month, net: 2640 euros (standard) - 4350 euros (with all overtime). Wages are paid once a month, advance payment after 2 weeks.

Meals (lunch), accommodation and plane ticket are at the employer's expense. Accommodation for 2 people in a room.
Legal employment in Switzerland:
- contract with the employer;
- Swiss work visa;
- Residence permit in Switzerland (residence permit);
- full social package;
- Health insurance for 1 year.

We provide assistance in registration: if necessary, help with visa, met at the airport, we employ and process all necessary documents. Employment services for this vacancy are paid. The cost is set depending on the candidate's country of residence.

The vacancy is relevant for citizens of the EU, CIS and other countries.
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