• ]Assistance in obtaining investments (loans, venture investments, grants, subsidies)
  • Lobbying the interests of innovators in investment institutions
  • Preparation of investment projects (packaging, expert evaluation of the financial and economic parts of projects, legal due diligence, marketing due diligence, preparation of PR&GR block, individual project assistance)
  • Robotized Forex trading
  • Assistance in business opening in the EEU and EU countries
  • Business legal and accounting support in EEU and EU countries
  • Assistance in getting grants and subsidies for business development in EEU and EU countries
  • Assistance in legal cross-border money transfers
  • Customs clearance and escort assistance within EEU and EU
  • Residency and citizenship assistance with investment visas in EU countries and/or international partner countries of the U.S. for the entrepreneurs and their family members
  • Establishment of companies in jurisdictions: Russia, Armenia, Georgia, Italy, San Marino, Cyprus, Hong Kong, USA
  • Representative activities in the following countries: Russia, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia, Italy, San Marino, Cyprus, USA, Gabon
  • Creation of corporate cryptocurrencies and smart contracts (according to US legislation), trading on international crypto exchange, introducing companies on ICO
  • Participation in negotiations of a phenotypologist (a specialist in physiognomy and facial sight)
  • Participation of a negotiation specialist (well-known author of management and motivation trainings, author of books on successful negotiations)
  • Professional text translation, interpretation, participation of an interpreter in the negotiations. Languages: Russian, Armenian, English, Arabic, Farsi, German, Czech, Japanese, Chinese, Italian, Spanish, Kazakh, Ukrainian, Belarusian, Georgian, Uzbek, Kyrgyz, Tajik, Turkmen, Estonian, Latvian, Polish
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