• Assistance in obtaining investments (loans, venture investments, grants, subsidies)
  • Preparation of investment projects (packaging, expert assessment of the financial and economic part of projects, legal audit, marketing audit, preparation of PR&GR block, individual project assistance)
  • Assistance in starting a business in the EAEU and EU countries
  • Business support (legal and accounting) in the EAEU and EU countries
  • Assistance in obtaining subsidies for business development in the EAEU and the EU
  • Creation of corporate cryptocurrencies and smart contracts, release of projects based on blockchain technologies, release of CFA
  • Professional translations of texts, interpretation, participation of an interpreter in negotiations
  • Foreign economic activity for the supply of the following products: sunflower oil, wheat, wheat flour, dried fruits
  • Foreign economic activity in the supply of fertilizers: potassium humate, peat, urea
  • Foreign economic activity in the supply of energy resources and metals: petroleum products and oil in a wide range, petrocox, aluminum A-7, cathode copper (grade, purity 99.97-99.99)
  • Commercial services are offered from LLC "Trading House "Eurasian Business Alliance", tel. +7 (495) 205 20 50, mail: td.eba@mail.ru
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